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Hey, I'm Shannon, 19/f. I post a lot of fandom stuff along with more feminism-y things. I also love classical art and architecture. Lately I've taken an interest in nature and fashion. If there's anything else you wanna know feel free to ask!
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I hope she was worth it.
I think I still love you.
-I think I don’t want to (via inkonapagepoetry)
We were almost in love. Almost.
-Six word story (via entangled-thoughts)

(via entangled-thoughts)

I feel like Runner 5 is the kind of person who would text in exclusively emojis

The Angry Black Woman is a racist trope used to deny black women their humanity. Black women aren’t allowed to be complicated — they’re just angry. Black women aren’t allowed to be upset or vulnerable — they’re just angry. Black women are not allowed justifiable reactions to the myriad of bullshit — racist, sexist and otherwise — that they face. Oh, you know those black ladies are just so angry all the time.


straight boys think girls can’t take compliments, and that’s ridiculous cause i’ve seen so many girls compliment each other, i’ve seen conversations & friendships blossom from girls complimenting each other in line, on the street, at school, waiting for the bus, pretty much anywhere.

the problem is straight boys think sexual harassment & assault are compliments.

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color me beautiful. 


They’re so beautiful.

how can you not love snakes i mean LOOK AT THEM I don’t understand how people can say they’re creepy

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I’m sorry it’s just

it’s ending

in a few weeks

god bless america also jesus

i woke up 2 days ago and this was the first ting i saw and i started to panic because i thought it was about civilized society but its actually just about homestuck

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Swimsuits and heels

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